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The Consumer Camera is Dead

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This photo (Church Sankt Peter and Paul on the island of Reichenau on Lake Constance) was taken after the photo of the deer on Norderney - two years later and one smart phone later. This time I made sure that the smart phone had a decent camera (it even shoots RAW in DNG format).
This is not a spectacular photo (it is uploaded as it came from the camera), but it shows the difference in technology. For souvenir photos you do not really need anything else, the consumer camera stays home. Yes, that one has more options and an optical zoom, but for landscapes and most other sceneries taken on holidays is does not make a difference and - that is the crucial point - you can not share your photos as easily as with a smart phone.
The consumer camera is indeed dead (check this link, it is really worthwhile). I still have two of these cameras, but (and I know, it is really sad) they just collect dust in a drawer.
The full-sized image (6 MB) can be downloaded here.