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Give me a camera, any camera

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I still remember that moment. We were walking the dunes of Norderney, an island at the German North Sea coast. And there they were, totally unexpected, a stag with three hinds, standing perfectly still for an eternity (well, probably just for two minutes, still...), silouetted against the setting sun, a Disney moment, kitschy beyond description, a perfect moment - and no camera. Just the snapshot function of my mobile phone. Close-up of the photo I had bought the mobile phone for its phone features and not for its camera and that day I had left my camera at our rented place. I would have given anything for a decent camera, no, any camery with an optical zoom. Anyway, you take what's available, a snapshot with a terrible quality. Then, you just stay, watch and enjoy the moment. All of a sudden, they vanished to re-appear shortly afterwards just 5 meters behind us running away (that's when we noticed that there were three hinds).
The full-sized image (800 Kb for what it's worth) can be downloaded here.