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Frozen Reed

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I am not sure, but I think this photo was also taken at lake Scharmützelsee almost a year ago. And I do remember that day. A cold, clear and crisp day. I was at the lake, and everything - gras, trees, ice, and reed - was crystal clear and full of contrast modelled by the low sun. The photo: a disappointment. enter image description here The colours just don't get across what it was like being at the lake at that time of the year (and why I took that photo). But then, black and white does the job. Not perfectly, but reasonably well. The full-sized black and white image (21 MB) can be downloaded here.

Ice-fishing on Lake Scharmuetzel

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Lake Scharmützel (next to Bad Saarow east of Berlin) is the second biggest lake of the federal state of Brandenburg. It is approx. 10 Km long, 1,5 Km wide and is up to 29 Meters deep. From time to time, the lake does freeze over in winter and is used for all kinds of leisure activities, from skating to ice-fishing to warming yourself at the Gluehwein stands on the lake. Mind you, a frozen Scharmützel lake is a rare event, especially as the winters tend to get warmer every year. Not surprisingly, this photo was taken in 2006.
The full-sized image (1,5 MB) can be downloaded here.

Pintsch Harbour (Pintschhafen)

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Today, the Pintsch harbour in Fürstenwalde is but a small remainder (and reminder) of the former Pintsch industrial estate with more than 12.000 employees. This photo was taken December 2012. Since then, winters with snow have become pretty scarce. The full-sized image (approx. 12 MB) can be downloaded here.

Thanks to double-glazing, frost patterns (Eisblumen in German) on windows are now an endangered species. When we moved into our new home 10 years ago, we still had the older type of windows that became frost-coated in winter. The morning sun illuminating the ice cristalls bringing back old memories of being a kid snuggled in warm, soft duvets, listening for mum firing up the oven.
The full-sized image (11 MB) can be downloaded here.